Deliveries in the areas of Temecula and Murrieta do not usually exceed 60 minutes of the order being placed.



We provide top quality Cannabis flowers and products for pain relief. We strive to make your experience with Diamond Star Remedies above all. All of our 8ths are 4grams and you can mix and match in 2 gram increments any way you would like. We are a State Compliant Collective, all employee’s are required to pass a background check for our members safety.

Orders placed within 10:00AM to 9:00PM on the average 30 minutes for delivery. We Strictly operate in accordance to Prop.215 (Cal HS 11362.5), SB420 (Cal HS 11362.7), Health and Safety code 11379.6(a) and all Local City Regulations.


Operating as a 100% State Compliant Collective involves being compliant with the EMPLOYMENT DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT, THE CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE AND THE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION therefore SALES TAX WILL APPLY ON ALL PRICES. All of our employees are on PAYROLL and WORKER’S COMPENSATION is provided for all employees with the company. All employees have undergone an extensive background check and rest assured professionalism is a top priority with Diamond Star Remedies. We are in compliance with all HEALTH AND SAFETY CODES AND REGULATIONS, ESPECIALLY HEALTH CODE SECTION 11379.6(a) WHICH STATES THAT “QUALIFIED PATIENTS CAN USE AND MAKE HASHISH LEGALLY UNDER STATE LAW. HOWEVER THE BERGEN DECISION (2008) DETERMINED THAT USING BUTANE TO MAKE HASH OIL IS NOT COVERED BY THE MEDICAL USE STATUTES. Therefore we DO NOT provide any products that have undergone a butane process. We only deal with vendors that provide current Articles Of Incorporation from the Secretary Of State and a current Wholesaler’s Permit issued by the Board Of Equalization. This ensures that you are getting the best pain relief medication possible by professionals in the industry.

Delivery Information

All First Time Patients MUST place their First order to their home or business. ONLY EXCEPTION is FIRST TIME PATIENTS whom live in weekly or monthly Hotels or Motels. You must have your California I.D. and your original, embossed Doctor’s recommendation available for our Staff at Diamond Star Remedies Inc. to verify.